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  5. "I have found an ATM."

"I have found an ATM."

Translation:Ich habe einen Geldautomaten gefunden.

October 19, 2017



Why GeldautomatEN ?


Here we see accusative. The ending "-en" comes from the grammatical case accusative. There are very often the masculine words which get endings for accusative or dative, less often the other genders.

  • singular: Ich habe einen Geldautomaten gefunden. Ich habe den Geldautomaten gefunden.
  • plural: Ich habe viele Geldautomaten gefunden. Ich habe die Geldautomaten gefunden.

The other forms because of the cases for "Geldautomat":

  • Der Geldautomat (nominative) ist groƟ. = The ATM is big.

  • Dem Geldautomaten (dative) traue ich nicht. = I do not trust the ATM.

  • Das Geld des Geldautomaten (genitive) ist sauber. = The money of the ATM is clean.


(For anyone wondering, these are called weak nouns. You can find more information and examples on the internet by searching for that term.)


What? Germans don't say "ATM"??

[deactivated user]

    Since ATM is an English abbreviation, we don't. You can find "ATM" written on international ATMs though in Germany, but they are very few compared to the regular "Geldautomaten"


    "Ich habe die Geldmaschine gefunden" Rejected. Oh, well . . .


    "Ich habe einen Bankomaten gefunden", stimmt das auch?

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