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Where do I find equipped (bought) bonus skills?

I bought two bonus skills (in Turkish) with my Lingots. It says in the store the bonus skills are 'equipped'. However, the slots in the app are empty. I also cannot find them on the desktop website version (on the desktop version I cannot even find the empty slots for bonus skills). I am guessing it is a technical issue, or am I looking in the wrong place? It is a shame since I paid my hard-earned lingots for them...

October 19, 2017



The Bonus skills for Turkish are not supported on the app. As for the website, I'm not sure what I can say. Could you take a screenshot of the empty slots and the verified purchase of the skills?


You will find the bonus skills somewhere near the top of your tree, usually under the Basics.


Yes, found them near the top. Thanks!


I bought how to flirt in german and it just says its "equipped" but I can't learn how! How can I actually take the class?


I bought one of the bonus skills (in Spanish) and the store says it is equipped but I am not sure where to find it. I would like to start learning my bonus skill but I cannot find it


Which one did you buy? I bought Idioms and both it and "Flirting" then appeared in their own row in the Learning tree. Idioms is active (the one I bought) and Flirting is grayed out. On the other hand, I also bought a pass to skip a day without losing my streak and it doesn't appear anywhere, it just comes into play if I miss a day.

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