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Do the discussions list the comments in order???

I’m so confused!!!

October 19, 2017



For the Popular, it's the how much upvotes it has got, for the new, it's what discussion that had been posted most recently, and for the following, it's which discussions you are following.


The discussions themselves (new section) are ordered by the time in which they are published. Recent ones appear at the top while older ones are at the bottom. Is that what you mean?


Comments within a discussion are listed in order by the number of upvotes (or downvotes) that show below the comment itself. When people reply to specific comments, those comments appear, indented, below the original comment. Comments at each level of indentation are ranked according to up- and/or down-votes at that level of indentation..


Thanks!!I posted a comment on a discussion and it went to the middle of all the comments.


In what order?

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