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  5. What does [Sticky] mean?


What does [Sticky] mean?

It is posted before all of the moderators or administrators posts why?

October 19, 2017



It holds the post to the top of the Popular tab, so it doesn't go away. Important announcements or FAQs tend to get stickied. Though, some are only stickied for a short time. :)


A discussion topic that has Sticky on it, is a topic that stays at the top of the discussion stream (notice how it says popular as a heading on top of these stickied topics), so they do not get buried under many other ones. These posts were stickied, because of their importance to users on this website. Moderators and members of Duolingo can sticky a post that is very helpful to the community, so users can check it out.


I think it is only staff who can sticky a post.


Staff can sticky in every forum, global mods can sticky in every forum except the in house courses (so, we can sticky everywhere except for the original, non-volunteer courses), and course contributors can sticky in their own course forums. :)


Why can't you sticky in the in-house course forums?


I don't know. It's just how it's been since the sticky function was created. (Cool Duohistory fact: the community came up with the idea for the stickies.)


Ok thanks a lot


It means that the post is stuck to the popular page :)


that explains a lot

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