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"You do not contribute very much!"

Translation:Voi nu contribuiți cu foarte mult!

October 19, 2017



Prea mult = too much ?


"Nu contribuiți cu foarte mult" and "Nu contribuiți foarte mult" are both accepted. Is there no difference? Is one more correct than the other?


The question has 'Voi nu contribuiți cu prea mult!' but the translation on the discussion page is 'Voi nu contribuiți cu foarte mult!' Presumably prea mult and foarte mult are interchangeable, but consistency would help struggling learners such as myself!


Why isn't "Tu nu contribuiți foarte mult!" accepted?


I suppose because of the verb "a contribui" being conjugated on the 2th person of the plural ( voi ). And is case you want to say "Tu" then should be conjugated on the 2th person singular "Tu nu contribui cu foarte multe."

Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.


Should "(tu) contribuiesti" not be accepted as an alternative?

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