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Duolingo should have...

...A guide for new users.


It could be like a tutorial. Here's how I think it would work:

When a user joins duolingo, a guide pops up. It introduces the user to duolingo's method of teaching, it shows them the forum rules, how the forums works, the labs, the settings, the incubator, the duolingo wiki, some forum guides, explains lingots, and at the ends shows them the help page for if they have any more questions and the guidelines.

Why would Duolingo have this guide?

1: It would introduce users to duolingo and help them understand it better.

2: It would reduce clutter in the forums.

3: It would stop questions from being asked over and over again in the forum.

4: It would stop spamming.

We already have the help page and the guidelines for that. Why would we need this guide?

Because, I hate to say this, but most users don't check the help page for answers to their problems. And even worse, some users don't know it exists. Same with the Guidelines. And since this guide would pop up immediately, you'd kind of have to look at it.

What do you think?

October 19, 2017



Do you read the license agreement before installing a program or immediately click "Agree/Next" button? The same will happen to your guide.


Lol. I actually would if I had important information on my computer, but, I don't. So I guess I have to plead guilty to the charge :)


Maybe there could be no ''skip'' button?


Will not be any button and no way to end reading the tutorial? That is a good way to not allow spamming :)


What Duolingo REALLYYYYY needs: Activity.

Now don't go mash that downvote button. Yes, you know who you are, you troll.

Activity needs to come back. I think it was a great way to see when you completed your lessons, and you could also see what discussions you commented on/made. And you could also chat with friends. Don't you think that needs to come back?


I do think it's missing terribly. Even though it did add to the chatter, activity stream was in many cases a real source of learning and sharing knowledge.


Me and my friend lukeshev (give him a follow!) used Activity 24/7 when we did Duolingo together. But ever since sniff Activity shut down, we haven't done Duolingo since.


Sounds like you are more interested in chatting than in learning a language. But how did you submit this post if you stopped using Duolingo, mmm, interesting.


Well, um... uh... er... I just "troll" around the forums now?!? O_O

Ok, ok. There's probably another reason lukeshev doesn't do Duolingo anymore. I'll have to ask him. But if I do that, he's going to get to level 25 in one week flat.

I just don't do Duo anymore because I'm lazy. Like, really lazy. I know Duolingo is an amazing site. I know I should be doing it. But I have other things to do. I'm not saying that they're better things to do, (like playing Minecraft or listening to drum and bass, etc.) but I'm a lazy guy. I know I'm never going to hear the end of this, but I just want to admit it.

EDIT: Today (October 21, 2017) marks me getting back into Duolingo!! That's right! After 6+ months of pure laziness, I'm back, baby!

2ND EDIT: psionpete, I wanted to help around the forums, not really "chat". What I'm hoping is I'll get moderator status by being on the forums often, being helpful, and more!


Hi Leifer,

there's a german phrase "Einsicht ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung" Insight is the first step to improvement. I this feeling. You know you should, you know it. But you can't put yourself together. But one day it works. Why? Don't know.

best regards Angel


No matter how well-written the rules are, we'll always have people who don't read them. I think we need more moderation against the huge population of users treating this website like Facebook.


I like the idea very much. I do worry, as FieryCat said, that new users may treat such guide like the license agreement that nobody reads. But I think that if this guide is made in an innovative, eye-catching design (like an animated video or so) it will have a higher chance of delivering the necessary information to new users than a written guide.


Yes, that is a great idea. It wouldn't even have to be one longer video, it could be a set of short videos. Like say you went into the discussion center for the first time, it would pop up a video with the most basic rules for the discussion center. Or if they went to their profile, it could pop up some rules and for that, because you always see new people with their age on or such on their profile. Or, it could even give learning tips if you went into the basics 1. It wouldn't even really need to be a video, it could be easy to read, short notes.


There really should be an intro video from the DuoLingo staff linked on the "Home" page.

1) Showing their HQ, presenting some important people from DuoLingo and their vision
2) Explaining the Web GUI and Apps by clicking around, showing the Dos and dont's
3) Explaning face-to-face what some app features health is, how to use them, etc.
4) Explaning background informations (what is already on the Wiki) like:
- a) language learning basics
- b) spaced repetition (SR) algorithm
- c) how to improve the DuoLingo web portal by installing user scripts

5) Showing video updates from "business developers" and technical teamleaders about new features they have introduced, what changes they are planning, what improvements they have done: How to work with them (OK, I know - this is probably just an illusion)


I totally agree with you on the Idea, but I don't think it would stop the spaming that much. I mean, a large percentage of spams are made from users that know that the guidelines exsist, but they don't care about them. So anyhow, I think it would do everything else on the list ;) P.s. Nice layout of the Discussion :)

[deactivated user]

    This is a great idea! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b



    many of the suggestions (ok, not the video) are excisting already. But a normal user can't find them. Many links, explanations and helpful tips are buried somewhere in the site or the forum. In my opinion it is not a problem of available Informations it is a problem of visabilaty and the ability to find them for a normal user. It is in most of the cases it is a problem of user-guidance.

    An example: Many "sticky"-Discussions are in the english forum. If you learn english for germans you don't see that forum. You have to change the language, add the forum and than you can follow it and see the stickies. The information in that sticky-discussions are not visible for german users except they know that.

    best regards Angel


    I agree with you Woof. ! It's all fine and well that newbies just jump in and learn, but at the same time the discussions have become so weighed down with the same, same and same questions that it's now an effort to get through them and try to help answer some of the questions.


    I agree. I had no idea DuoLingo had a desktop version! My job doesn't have wifi so it helps that I can do my lessons online. I think this is really something that they should promote better! I have been using the app for over two years now and never even knew!


    I much prefer the desktop version, I hope you can access it at least some of the time. :-)

    PS how nice that you're learning portuguese, it is a beautiful language!


    I really like this idea! However, I agree with Arachnje. The guide should be an animated video.


    or a comic strip, that seems to invite people's attention!


    Good idea! duolingo should also add some more courses. maybe sign language?


    Now if only Usagi was here...


    Good idea. They, the Duolingo team, should do this.


    I didn't know Duolingo had a help page. o_o

    I just guessed my way through everything

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