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Which Language is Best for Singing?

Hello Everyone! Today's question is which language or languages sound best when sung? This question is your personal opinion so there is no right or wrong answer. There are 2 ways you can answer this question.

Option 1:

Simply, tell me the language you feel sounds the best for singing. Tell me, in great DETAIL why you think that language sounds the best. Also, give an example, like a video of a song in that language to prove your point.

You could write which language is worst for singing for contrast but that's only if you want to.

Option 2:

Another way you can answer this question is by stating which language sounds best in each genre of music! For example-

Metal: English https://youtu.be/CD-E-LDc384

Rock: English https://youtu.be/YpJAmlnBxoA

Opera: Italian https://youtu.be/xs-p1oEvuGg

Jazz: French https://youtu.be/kGbwe0qcW5g

Anime: Japanese https://youtu.be/I0fc-3-PXSo

R & B: Romanian https://youtu.be/mtz2zvC66bQ

Ballad: Spanish https://youtu.be/FCi-Xp2TVoQ


Well, that's pretty much it. Remember, this is everyone's personal opinions so please no rude comments. I really hope you guys like this discussion. Have fun!

October 19, 2017



Rad discussion! And thanks for the links! (Which, I need to come back to listen to. I've gotta run off for a few minutes.)

This reminds me of the Let it Go in 25 languages video. I really enjoyed comparing the languages as they filled out the song and getting to see the people while they were singing too. (If you watch the whole thing, you'll see that Princess Leia's doppleganger is a Flemish singer :D)


That was really entertaining to watch, I love videos like that! I was really surprised what you said about the Flemish singer that I had to see the video and she is Princess Leia's doppleganger! It's so interesting to see how everything connects. lol


I am a big fan of Spanish music. Its not all the voice, but it is a part of it. It is the overall vibe I get. Here is a song I really like, and I think I like the original better for what it reminds me of (I listened to a lot of Jesse and Joy when I lived in Spain).



I've had that song stuck in my head for weeks now! :D

I was losing sleep over it the other night and texted my friend:

"Hace tiempo siento que algo raro aquí está pasando Y ESTA P_ CANCIÓN YA NO ME DEJA DORMIR EN PAZ Son las 3 de la mañana Y AÚN ESTOY DESPIERTA PORQUE DSFNLKSFFJDK IT'S TOO CATCHY!"


In my opinion, Japanese. I think it's the prettiest sounding language, so I find it best for singing. The comparatively high vowel-to-consonant ratio and lack of consonant clusters that many other languages have (looking at you, Russian) really sounds nice to me. It also makes singing pretty easy since there aren't any difficult consonant clusters.

My favorite Japanese songs are probably Yumetourou/Dream Lantern, Zenzenzense, Sparkle, and Nandemonaiya, all of which are by the band RADWIMPS.


Check out Jun Maeda x Nagi Yanagi "Owari no Hoshi" album, it's pretty good, and I've heard all of the RADWIMPS songs too xD


Russian pop songs are awesome. :) But the folk songs are superb. For hard rock, Hungarian has to be the best.

(Of course, I'm a bit biased. Those are just my opinions.)


Upvoting this for metallica


Yeah!!! Rock Sign

You know, I wish I would've seen Metallica when they came here at the Rose Bowl but it was too late. However, I did see Scorpions and Megadeth at the Forum a few weeks ago and they were Great especially Megadeth!


I really like the beat of most Spanish pop songs, but I think old Irish music sounds beautiful. But, I'm also hardcore (American) pop punk/2000s emo/alternative/ukulele scream rap/however you wanna categorize the Emo Quartet trash.

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