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Where did the notes go?

I know the course is in beta, but notes seem to get very sparse after the second section of the Czech tree - which seems strange, since that's when much more complex concepts begin. Should we expect more notes as the course moves closer to being fully released? Those in the first section of the tree were well-done.

October 20, 2017



Thanks! I would actually not consider it strange that notes were added for the earliest skills first. Or shouldn't, as I did most of them. More users and easier grammar (i.e., easier to write notes) in that part of the tree. No doubt the notes could be more useful later on (for the fewer users who get that far) if they can cover the topics at least as well as the earlier, easier ones, in the same 5000 character limit per skill. My plan is to add them when I have the time and energy.

It is worth noting that there are very mature courses here without notes late in the course, and that's for languages spoken by everybody and their brother. We may just have to accept that Czech/English is a rarer skillset, with a small recruiting pool, hence it would be a miracle if we did better than those big, old courses in any area.

If anyone reading this thinks they have what it takes to add these notes, write the draft section of notes for a skill that needs them and submit a contributor application with a link to those notes. It would be a welcome change from the "I know many foreigners/expats who want to learn" or "My [insert relative] is [insert non-Czech nationality] and wants to learn" applications. I have two tickets to the Incubator (see for yourselves if it's paradise), and no promising application jumping at me.


I have a suggestion. On the incubator page you referred to a couple of online grammatical resources, specifically 'A Grammar of Czech as a Foreign Language' and 'Czech: An Essential Grammar'.

Why not refer to the relevant sections in these guides instead?


This is a good idea - I personally have found http://cokdybysme.net/pdfs/ to be a great resource. It's a collection of fairly in-depth grammar guides written by a professor of Czech at UW Madison.


This does sound like a good approach in the interim, thanks!


came to this forum looking for this thread and this is a good and honest response. I appreciate all you've done for the Czech course, nueby, and hopefully someone can help you out with this. You gave your all for the main course, can't blame you for not being in the biggest hurry to get out the notes.

that said, the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese (and other) trees need to get their notes going, they have way more possibility there!!


Thank you for the refreshing attitude! You can expect even more honest responses from me now that I was ushered out, although also zero additional work. The remains of the team would welcome the help with the T&N even more than I would have. It could be the ticket to get in.


I think they'll add more notes as the course moves closer to being fully released.

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