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Has anyone ever learned two hard languages at once?

My native languages are English and Spanish and I'll be taking my French fluency certification test in June. After that I want to study Russian and Arabic, but because of this certain college program I want to get into and where time is concerned, I would need to learn them simultaneously. Has anyone ever done this with the same or similar languages and have any tips? Much appreciated! :)

Mis lenguajes nativos son Ingles y Espanol y voy a tomas mi examen de fluidez francesa en junio. Despues de eso quiero estudiar el ruso y el arabe, pero debido a un cierto programa de la universidad y debido al tiempo que tengo, tendria que aprender los dos al mismo tiemo. Hay alguien que alguna vez ha hecho esto con los mismos lenguajes o unos similares? Se agradecer mucho cualquier ayuda que me pueden dar. Gracias! :)

Mes langues natales sont le angalis et le espagnol et je vais prendre mon examen de fluence en francaise en juin. Apres de ca je veux apprendre le russe et le arabe, mais a cuase d'un certain programme de l'universite je doit apprendre les deux a le meme fois. Est-ce que quelqu'un a deja fait ca avec les memes langues ou des langues similaires? Si vous pouvez m'aider je serai tres heureux! Merci! :)

(Corrigez-moi, s'il vous plait!)

October 20, 2017



Yes! I did Chinese and Arabic simultaneously. It's fine, honestly! Russian and Arabic are so completely different that you won't get them confused with each other. The biggest concern is to make sure you're spacing out your language learning, so that the languages have time to percolate deeper into your long-term memory, but you DO still need to study a lot. a session in the morning, a quick one at lunch, and another one in the evening--or something along those lines--is how I approached it, and it worked for me, at least.

Hope this helps! :) Good for you for tackling the languages, and good luck!

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Learning any two languages at the same time should not be a difficult task in itself. The question is what other loads (courses, work, extra activities, etc) do you plan to carry? That said, each individual has different capacities of absorbing new information. Learning English and Spanish over 10-14 years is one thing, learning Russian and Arabic over 2-4 years is not the same thing. One "easy way" to test yourself is to start the En-Ru from Duolingo and either the Duolingo Ar-En (why not!) or try some other system like Memrise (it has tons of courses on Arabic). Also, remember, no sweat/pain no gain! Bon courage, Daniel.


Mes langues natales (maternelles is more used) sont l'anglais et l'espagnol et je vais passer mon examen de français en juin (fluence doesn't exist in French). Après ça, je veux apprendre le russe et l'arabe, mais à cause d'un certain programme de l'université je dois apprendre les deux en même temps. Est-ce que quelqu'un a déjà fait ça avec les mêmes langues ou (des langues - you can omit this part because we already know what you are talking about) similaires? Si vous pouvez m'aider j'en (you have to use "j'en" to emphasize what will make you happy and it sounds more natural) serai très heureuse ! (I'm assuming you're a woman so it's heureuse not heureux which is used for a male) Merci! :)

To reply to your topic, I've learned Dutch and Japanese for a while and I never get confused at all because both languages are not really related except some loanwords so I guess it is the same for Arabic and Russian.


I did not want to, but I have been forced to do so.


"au même fois". Aussi, il faut écrire les accents. En Français, y en Español.


I have learned Latin and classic Greek in high school, simultaneously. I don't think there's an issue learning two difficult languages at the same time. Provided you have a knack for learning languages.

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