"Why do you hate him?"

Translation:Proč ho nenávidíš?

October 20, 2017

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Why not Proč nenávidíš ho?


HO is an obligatory enclitic word, which makes it entirely unacceptable in the place you put it. That, incidentally, would be where you would put the JEHO that is being asked about by Paul378887. I suggest reading the Tips & Notes for the Pronouns skill.


Why does "mne" come last in the construction "Kdo miluje mne" (who loves me), but "ho" comes second here?


You can say "Kdo mne miluje" (it actually sounds little more naturally) as well as you can say "Proč nenávidíš jeho?


“Proč jeho nenávidíš” was not accepted. Why? It’s the same word order as the one given here.


Yes, it is the same word order, but the wrong word. JEHO is not 100% interchangeable with HO when it comes to placement in the sentence.

Placing the regular (long) form "jeho" in the second position (where "ho" would be perfectly fine) makes it clear that we are specifically interested in this "him", and that level of specific interest would mean that the reference to the "him" belongs to the right of "nenávidíš", not left.

This is certainly not easy to learn, but in the interest of not letting our users sound like goofs, we have to keep rejecting it.

I suggest reading the Tips & Notes for the Pronouns skill.


"Proč nenávidíte jeho?" Is not accepted. Why is it wrong?

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It is an omission, we do accept nenávidíš, but we are missing the plural. I will fix it. Please use "My answer should have been accepted" if you are reasonably convinced it should be and you checked for typos.


Why is it wrong to include "dělat" (do) in the answer when it is in the hints and otherwise the word for "do" is not included in the sentence? My answer was Proč ho dělat nenávidiš? If I leave out "dělat" it says "Why you hate him?"

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Because do is not a normal verb. The do support https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do-support is a special grammatical feature of English. You cannot translate the support verb to other languages.

There is also normal verb "to do something" and the hint covers that.


"Proč ho dělat nenávidiš?" is approximately the same as "Why do you hate to do him?" with a funny word order to boot. So you definitely want/need/must leave out the "dělat".


Proč nenávidíš ho? I think that is right!!!


No, "ho" is a short form, it's always unstressed, therefore it must be in the second position.

The pronoun is stressed at the end (why is it him that you hate?) and for that we need the long form: "Proč nenávidíš jeho?"

Also please limit the number of exclamation marks to ONE. Otherwise you sound rude and people may not want to answer your questions.


answered 2 years ago!!!!!


Is jej acceptable instead of ho?


Yes, "jej" is correct and accepted. Just note that it's very formal and not used in everyday speech.

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