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Shopping Lesson 2

There are only 2 sentences to practice in this lesson? It keeps repeating them seemingly forever. I gave up after about 6 times of each!!! And I can't unlock further lessons... Help!

October 20, 2017



It's a bug that several users taking the Korean and Japanese courses (both courses still in beta phase) have been experiencing. A similar case is reported here


I have encountered this problem in three different sections so far. The first two sections I pushed through but I finally got fed up with it and gave up and haven't progressed since this point.

I see three ways forward:

  • Suck it up and do the tedious exercise to get through it to unlock further lessons.
  • Sit tight and wait, hoping that the issue will be fixed, and then progress through it after it's been fixed.
  • Report it (perhaps using the bug report form, perhaps getting in touch with course contributors if you have a way of doing so, and raising the issue here certainly won't hurt.) and hopefully increase the likelihood that it is fixed in a timely manner.

Personally, this stuff bothers me a lot and I'd like to see it get fixed soon. I've actually been holding off on doing the full course because I think this sort of stuff wastes my time and also throws off the XP count--i.e. I'm getting 10XP but barely learning anything.

I'm hopeful though that it'll be fixed quickly. I've seen other courses, like Russian, launch in Beta and improve dramatically in the first few weeks and months. The Japanese course seems to be improving very rapidly, so I remain optimistic.


Don’t give up. Finish the lesson.


The courses seem to work better on android phones. And if you don't have one, then install an emulator.


I don't want to use the course on smartphone because I want the open-ended typing exercises. This is the whole reason I waited till it was launched on web. I find the matching exercises to be a waste of time and I learn much better when I can use the open-ended exercises and experiment with different wordings, word choices, typing in Kanji that haven't been taught, etc.

So I don't think this is a good solution.

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