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  5. "Elle aime les robes bleues."

"Elle aime les robes bleues."

Translation:She likes blue dresses.

March 14, 2013



When playing the audio at full speed, does anyone here that clicking noise?


Yep I heard it. It must be an error or problem with the file or something. I reported it and others should too so it gets noticed (not that it's really that big of an issue).


I suppose they have these separate audio files for the different words/phrases and when making sentences, these clips are put together. The clicks probably are the remains of not too smooth editing.


FINALLY! the dress is something other than black or red


How am I supposed to know it's plural? Is there some subtle difference in the way it's pronounced?


the difference is in the article: "la" = LA vs "les" = LEH


in our French class we learned that aime means love or like both are ok


there are 2 verbs in French to translate "like" or "love", but they do not map exactly with English:

  • to like something = aimer quelque chose OR aimer bien quelque chose
  • to like someone = aimer bien quelqu'un
  • to love something = adorer quelque chose
  • to love someone = aimer quelqu'un.


I said "She like the blue dresses". It said I was wrong. How is this incorrect?


she likeS the blue dresses

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