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What's your favorite and funny Duolingo phrase and picture combination?

I have two:

1) A dolphin says, in Spanish, "I do not like dictatorships." ( ¡No Pasarán! ¡Viva la Resistencia! )

2) An astronaut in full space suit asks, in Spanish, "Where is the bathroom?" ( Uh, didn't they tell you, you're inside it. (Should I look away?))

What's yours?

October 20, 2017



I have A LOT. Here's some of my very favorites:

Norwegian Crime fell after the chicken became prime minister :D

And ''The nineties called and wanted it's shirt back'' (Swedish)

and ''You cannot wear sandals with socks!'' (Italian)

And finally, ''The orange is talking'' (I forget which course)

Here are some HILARIOUS ones: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18909225 .


Also, once the picture was of an astronaut who said ''We have a problem'' (Apollo 13) I cracked up. And once, I had to translate from Russian ''I eat everything'' :D


"I import cheese" and "She has forty-four cats". One of the first Spanish sentences I ever had was "¡Él no es mi novio!" Methinks Duo doth protest too much.

Also I seem to recall a friend coming across something like "The woman is inside the refrigerator" in the Gaelic tree.


It was that hot outside, huh?


mine is, "the bear eats spiders"


I had one that said "They open the insects" in Portuguese - "Eles abram os insetos" !! Haha


That's an, uh, pleasant visual image.

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