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  5. "The bags are big and red."

"The bags are big and red."

Translation:Les sacs sont grands et rouges.

October 20, 2017



Why are the adjectives plural?


Unlike English, the plural is carried on to the adjectives just as the gender is. We are beautiful(s) - it's the same in Italian. The plural and gender affect adjectives and also possessives like "my, your". The object you're talking about pretty much controls everything in the sentence in terms of plural/singular and masculine/feminine


they are like that in finnish and swedish too


why is it 'rouges' but not 'grandes'?


Because "bags" - sacs - are masculine (hence grands which is masculine) while "red" is both masculine and feminine -rouges regardless of gender. Therefore Le sacs sont grands et rouges.


Same as Italian - some colours don't change for gender, even for plurals (which obviously isn't the case for rougeS)


Why not "les sacs sont GRANDES et rouges"?


Les sacs sont grandes et rouges was said to be wrong.. why valises instead of sacs?


If DL suggested "valises" in response to your incorrect answer, I think it might be because you put "grandes" which is feminine. "valises" (plural of "valise") is also a feminine word that could be accepted as meaning "bags" ("suitcases").

"sacs" is masculine so the correct adjective form is "grands" (no 'e').

So, whereas

Les valises sonts grandes et rouges.

could be acceptable

Les sacs sont grandes et rouges.

is not grammatically correct.


Why keep changing to vaseles


Why not Le saca sont grands et rouges


Is there any difference in how you pronounce plural "sacs" vs "sac"?


No. However, there is a difference in the pronunciation of the article. The way one pronounces 'le' and 'les' is different and with a bit of practice not hard to catch.

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Why not grandes et rouges?


Grandes is plural and feminine, rouges is plural but is always spelt with an e. As les sacs is masculine and plural, you add the s to agree with the plural but do not add an e to grands.


I wrongly wrote "Le sacs sont grands et rouges" but it is marked correct. Should be Les sacs, I suppose. How do I report it?


Is Les gros sacs wrong? I've read the postings about the distinction, but it seems to me that stuff that grows in two dimensions is "grand" but three dimensional change is "gros". I have heard both "la grande pomme" and "la grosse pomme". What's the difference?


Why les instead of des?


Why wasn't it de grand et rouge. The previous lessons in plurals 2 said that you had to have something before tje adjective


Why _rouges _has (e) while sac is masculin???


Rouge always has an "e" at the end, regardless of gender. It's not like noir/noire.

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