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+300 learners for Yiddish course!!

Firstly:- At last we've reached 300 learners for the Modern Yiddish course! Which Yiddish course? (Me), (Levi Polasak) and (Israel Polasak), made a huge wonderful Yiddish course on memrise with audio. Anyway, I shared a post from 11 months ago announcing about our course, then it has reached 100 learners in this post 5 months ago, and then it has reached 200 learners in this post 2 months ago and 1 month ago it has reached 250 learners in this post for this great course and now it has reached 300 learners!!

For the ones who didn't hear about our course:- http://www.memrise.com/course/1120518/modern-yiddish-complete-with-audio/

so here is again announcing for our modern Yiddish course as also it seems to be that Duolingo's Yiddish course will take ages to be completed and if Duolingo's Yiddish course will be completed (AT LEAST SEPTEMBER 2018) you will have a lot of Vocabulary and grammatical notices, also when I saw Duolingo's Yiddish course, it was STANDARD YIDDISH which is really rarely used nowadays or in the formal issues although STANDARD YIDDISH is similar to MODERN YIDDISH, so don't worry about it, you will understand both of them anyway, so we made a course for the MODERN YIDDISH which is used by the Yiddish natives in their daily lives.

PS:- It is modern Yiddish and not the Standard Yiddish, modern Yiddish is the Yiddish spoken by the native speakers (everyday use), so it is the slang not the standard language (Not a big difference anyway).

And at last you will receive a Yiddish certificate to appreciate you for finishing the Yiddish tree.

And there is Tips And Notes on every lesson to explain the important things in it.


We have 3 new skills (Weapons, Politics and the sea) and anyone can tell us which skills need to be improved or any new skills this course needs

Secondly:- For the Ladino, Yiddish for Spanish speakers Syriac-Aramaic, Coptic and Igbo courses!

So as I told you that I am creating revival courses for the endangered languages and calling all of these languages' speakers in this post and from 3 weeks I've posted both of these two posts I shared this post and this post so you can see the no. of the words there and if you need the percentages for the progress of these courses in this week here you are but firstly some bad news unfortunately:-

The Coptic contributor is really busy and he left the course now and he won't get back so I really call any Coptic speaker :( And we need someone who speaks Igbo and Nubian.

Percentages as follows:-

  • Ladino course:- 5% (Predicted launch date:- November 10, 2017)

  • Syriac-Aramaic course:- 6.5% (Predicted launch date:- November 10, 2017)

  • Yiddish for Spanish speakers course:- 50% (Predicted launch date:- November 3, 2017)

  • Igbo course:- 0.7% (Predicted launch date:- November 20, 2017)

And if anyone wants to contribute to more of the endangered language courses, you can check this list and if you found your language comment in here ↓:-


Thank you!

October 20, 2017



Hey Shady_Hazem, I'm trying to make a course on Memrise but the words in each level keep coming into the previous level. Do you know how I can fix/prevent this?


Well I didn't see this problem before but, I'll tell you how to start:- 1- Start creating a course. 2- Create the level from the database by clicking on it and then click on "Add new" and then add one or two words in the database, and then click ''Create levels'' as in this picture. 3- Then add the words that you would like to add in the level that you have created :) 4- If you are creating a course that has some letters more than the English ones, click on the database then, the word, then Testing, then keyboard characters. So that's it, you can ask any question you want :)

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