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Multiple languages course!

I would like Duolingo to make a "multiple languages course".

For example, you choose several languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German (this is just an example).

Then Duolingo shows you a sentence in one of these languages and you have to translate it into each of the other languages you chose.

And so with any of the typical Duolingo exercises.

In terms of programming, it would be quite easy to make such a course.

I would love to have such a course, because many times, when I am at home and somebody says something, I try to translate it (pen and paper) into each of the languages that I work on here, and I have a lot of fun trying to do it.

Would anybody else like a course of this type?

October 20, 2017



I recommend against it. It may be fun if you're just playing around on DL, but if you're serious about learning a language, or multiple languages, don't mix them up.


If one wants to progress, one eventually has to get to a point where translations from whatever into whatever are automatic. Maybe there's an argument that this modality (if it ever could exist) wouldn't be the most time-effective tool to achieve that end, but if one is having problems mixing things up, then practice that specifically necessitates use of multiple languages in proximity might well be a way to overcome it.


That sound like alot of fun. It would make sense for them to finish of the languages their on now and maybe implement that very slowly since focusing on it too much would take away from making other languages


Sounds fun, although inasmuch as courses don't necessarily have a shared core of sentences, it doesn't really seem feasible. Even the in-house courses have plenty of work that needs doing as it is. And the language pairings would be inherently restricted to those corresponding to trees already in existence. There's nothing set up to check your translations e.g. Catalan into, well, anything but Spanish.


I see what you mean, but duolingo is a website for focusing at one language at a time.


I think it's good idea


I think it would be a neat idea for a club concept. So, outside of learning but a great way of interacting with others on site or app. Though someone may say this can be done on the discussion line or a way to make following others interactive again.

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