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  5. "The child throws the ball."

"The child throws the ball."

Translation:아이가 공을 던집니다.

October 20, 2017



Wouldnt it be A child throws the ball


It can be either or


Subject -> object -> verb. "a child the ball throws"


omg I wounder how long will it takes me to memories all of these verbs


가 is subject marker and 는 is topic marker, honestly, when to use each can be difficult to explain, so you just have to practice more and get use to it, you'll know which sounds more natural than the others


i am also confused


What's wrong with 아이가 instead of 아이는? It's'the child' here.not 'a child' .i am getting some confusion streaks!!!!!!


Korean doesn't distinguish between definite (the) and indefinite (a/an) like English does; -는 marks the conversation topic and -가/이 marks the sentence subject. Korean grammar is extremely different from what you see in Western European languages, but if you keep practicing you'll get a feel for it.


So when the I write 공이 as the translation says it's wrong. How do I know when to use 공을 instead of 공이?


The particles 이/가 and 은/는 they refer to the topic/subject of the sentence (I don't know well the difference between those two). The particles 을/를 refer to the object of the sentence.

Think like this: the verb is "to throw", then you identify who (or what) is performing the action (subject). In this case it is 아이 (the child). Then identify what (or whom) is receiving the action (object), what is being thrown. In this case it is 공 (the ball).

Of course, not every verb needs to carry an object.

I hope it helps.


Whats the difference for using 던지지 with the 안습니다 not throwing something and the regular verb of 던집니다? Like why not have 던지지 be kn this sentence with the regular verb 던집니다?? in confusion...

  • 던지다 = "to throw"

  • 던지지 않다 = 던지 + ~지 않다 = "to not throw"

You create the negation form of the verb with ~지 않다 and conjugate the new verb to the appropriate speech level. The alternative way to negate the word is to preface your verb with the adverb 안.

  • 안 던지다 = "to not throw"


what's wrong with 아이는 공을 던지어요 ? is it the child's particle ?

edit: doesn't accept it with the changed particle 아이가...


See: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24898735?comment_id=35939464

Misread your question. Probably because of the speech level, you should flag it.


The issue would be the verb. It's not the correct level of formality, and it would be written 던져요 not 던지어요 (the same way 보아요 becomes 봐요)


Why is 던지해요 wrong in this sentence?


Bad verb conjugation. 던지다 = "to throw"


1) The verb is 던지다 not 던지하다 so the correct conjugation would be 던져요.

2) It's not the correct level of politeness for this level.


Is it not supposed to be 버려?


I think that means more to throw away or to toss out


My answer: 아이가 공은 던집니다 Correct answer: 아이가 공을 던집니다

So can someone explain the difference between 공은 and 공을? I wrote the first one but got marked wrong with that object marker (I think?) being the only noted difference.


을/를 are markers for a direct object. Who/what is being thrown? The ball is.

I recommend you read other comments before posting. Your question might have been answered, which it has...


So whts 운동 means


It means exercise (noun). 운동하다 the verb "to exercise".


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