"The child throws the ball."

Translation:아이가 공을 던집니다.

October 20, 2017



Wouldnt it be A child throws the ball

October 20, 2017


It can be either or

October 20, 2017


Subject -> object -> verb. "a child the ball throws"

January 11, 2018


이가 or 이는?

February 17, 2018


i am also confused

February 17, 2018


I believe 가 means "the", while 눈 means "a". Plus, the word 아이 is child, so don't separate 이 from 아.

March 11, 2018


I don't understand well the particles 이/가 and 은/는, but I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the articles "the" and "a/an" in English. You are right about not separating 아 and 이 in this case, as together they form the word child (아이).

May 22, 2018


Korean does not have articles, nor are there any structures in Korean that directly analogue English "a/an" or "the"; these are understood only through context in Korean. 는/은 is the topic marker and 가/이 is the subject marker; English doesn't have a direct analogue for these particles, as subject is marked only by word order (i.e. it always comes before the verb) and topic is understood only through context.

July 2, 2018


So whts 운동 means

September 16, 2018


It means exercise (noun). 운동하다 the verb "to exercise".

September 19, 2018


What's wrong with 아이가 instead of 아이는? It's'the child' here.not 'a child' .i am getting some confusion streaks!!!!!!

March 20, 2019


Korean doesn't distinguish between definite (the) and indefinite (a/an) like English does; -는 marks the conversation topic and -가/이 marks the sentence subject. Korean grammar is extremely different from what you see in Western European languages, but if you keep practicing you'll get a feel for it.

March 20, 2019


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January 6, 2018
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