"El este unul care vrea mai mult."

Translation:He is one that wants more.

October 20, 2017

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Shouldn't "He is one who wants more." be accepted? In English you actually use "who" when referring to people, whereas "that" is used for animals and objects.


It should definitely be accepted. "who" is better for people although "that" is still acceptable.


unul = the one


cel / cea / cei / cele = the one I think


Nope, that's not correct. See my answer to Romanophile's question.


Never seen such a sentence in English. There is usually 'He is the one'. With the 'the.


EXACTLY! HE IS THE ONE WHO "WANTS" MORE..... we want better and more meaningful sentences!


I agree with Ben young84


what an awful english(??) translation.... i would have written: he is someone WHO wants more...


What does this sentence mean actually?


Morton..please read my translation ...which i think is also the best explanation of what Dl wants us to learn/know...apparently the Dl teachers for this course are definitely NOT native american/english nor british/english speakers


I answered "someone" in place of "one" and i feel like that should be accepted too. Also "who" in place of "that"


correct English! DL teachers are not always aware of what is correct English!


Jan. 20, 2022 I get the impression that the producers of the course had to put all possible correct answers into a database, but since nobody could possibly get all conceivable correct answers in on the first try, they put the "My answer should be counted correct" option on the Report menu. Problem is, this course was abandoned about a year ago (at least that was the last time I saw a recent comment by a moderator), resulting in the incomplete and, frankly, frustrating course that we have today. If this course really has the 561K (or whatever the number I saw is) users Duo claims it has, you would think the company would try to recruit some more volunteer mods or even actually pay someone to maintain it.


i fully agree with your statement! let us hope that "one Day"" this badly constructed course will be revised by native english and romanian speakers

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