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  5. "한류 아이돌"

"한류 아이돌"

Translation:Korean wave idol

October 20, 2017



Korean wave refers to the recent increase in popularity of Korean pop culture around the world


What's Korean wave?


The recent influx of manufactured boy or girl bands that have become popular worldwide. Some people also use it to talk about things about Korea that are popular in general but eh, Korean art films don't get millions of views on youtube.


Korean art films are not really part of it. But K dramas, K beauty (skincare and makeup products), sudden popularity of the language and culture are for sure. Mukbang is huge but too indie to be included and K films don't seem to be catching on beyond a few sleeper hits. Not sure about other specifics. I'd say K dramas are a close second to K pop, especially since they've made a point of crossing "top stars" over between those two arts.


I've gotta say 봉준호 and 박찬욱 are two directors that make some really great films. They've had some bigger international success in later years as well


SvedishPlumber, in your opinion what were some of the films?


Is K-wave wrong?


No. K-wave is just an abbreviation


Why is Kwave idol not allowed?

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