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Please add "Expert" top comments to learning modules.


Currently, when I go through a lesson and answer a question, there is a comments icon that I can click on to see comments from other members. The comments are rated based on value. The problem I have see thus far is that some comments are better than others and there is also a ton of bad/spam comments that take up space. Comments that provide no value and just make the entire comments system cluttered and no no longer beneficial for learning. Also, we are depending on other learners that the top comment is accurate when it might not actually be.

I think a much better option would be to have the "top comment" be a quick explanation from someone from Duolingo or a member from Duolingo that is at a C2 level.

By doing this, each time you answered a question, you would have the ability to click on the comment icon and get a quick summary/tips of the grammatical rules for that particular question.

You could even get rid of comments altogether, and change the icon so that it just says "tips".

By having a short summary explaining the grammatical rules for each question would be extremely beneficial to learning. I would even pay for this feature. The reason being, is when you are going through a lesson, you can answer questions right by not even really knowing why the answer is correct. You are using more "recognition" and process of elimination sometimes. But by having a short summary explaining why the answer is the way it is after each question, you would get a full understanding each time you answered a question.

This could be done very easily. There are already a ton of questions that have already been asked. The team at Duolingo could just sift through the comments that have already been asked and add to them and refine them so that they are accurate and create a top comment that is stickied at the top. And have "administrator" as the username so we know that the information is accurate.

I hope this makes sense. I am available to speak by phone if one of the administrators of Duolingo wants me to clarify this to them if I have not done so.

If this feature is already available, then I apologize.

What are your thoughts? Thanks

October 20, 2017



If you mean sentence discussions, it would be nice if the moderators could sticky a comment as 'the answer' and then its branch of the discussion rises to the top.

At the moment childish jokes get upvoted and kind of hide the comments where someone nails why the sentence is the way it is. OK they are not really hidden, but it can take a while to find them. Also a sticky system would be like a badge of approval - the moderator indicating that this is the answer.

Note: As it is only the sentence discussions, and not the main forums, I don't think we will have children pestering moderators to sticky their comments. At least I hope not.


Some of the trees (courses) have excellent moderators (such as Sitesurf for French) who are able to explain any questions that people may have. Those answers typically do rise to the top. My recollection of the Spanish tree is that the quality is variable and some questions don't get resolved in a clear manner.

Duolingo has made it clear in multiple ways that grammar explanations are not one of their priorities. So, if it's important to you, you may need to looks elsewhere. While I agree that it would be nice to have better grammar explanations, my solution has been to buy a very good grammar book or look up the issue using google. That works in most cases.

It may save you some time have to sort through all the comments. When I do look through comments, I use the find function if I'm curious about something specific. Then, I look elsewhere if my question isn't answered satisfactorily. Good luck and happy learning.


I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but I do agree the comment area seems quite negative. I saw 1 or 2 crude words I'd rather not see. I'm glad you are speaking up. Thanks!


If you see crude words, you can report it to abuse@duolingo.com. Downvoting those helps as well.


Yeah, unfortunately the Spanish forum is probably the worst of the English-based ones. There's obviously no lack of qualified people out there who could help do something about it (although how many are volunteering through the official channels is a different question), but there seems to be zero interest in assembling a team of the requisite size to exert any sort of effective editorial control (not that the tools they have are great, but they could at least trim out the junk and, hopefully, do something about the repetitive complaints where issues are outstanding).

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