"Dych chi'n gwisgo sanau newydd?"

Translation:Are you wearing new socks?

October 20, 2017



Do not see the difference between "Are you wearing" (correct) and "Do you wear" (incorrect).

January 30, 2018


'Do you wear...?' would normally be followed by some other expression:

  • Do you wear new socks every day?
  • Do you wear new socks if you can't find any old ones?
January 30, 2018


True but it does make sense and could be said in certain contexts.

To give a bad example:

"what do you think of old socks?"
"I love old socks. All my socks are old."
"Do you wear new socks?"
"No. "

Given that it is an accepted translation in other examples, and as such is often typed by people (like myself) who are too lazy to use the longer valid English equivalent, I feel it should be accepted. Perhaps.

November 2, 2018


So... The Singular should be 'san'?

January 4, 2019


It is an unusual one:

  • hosan - a sock/stocking
  • sanau - socks (in day-to-day usage)
  • hosanau - stockings (in day-to-day usage)
January 5, 2019


One letter off

February 18, 2019
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