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  5. "공원에 빨리 숨어요!"

"공원에 빨리 숨어요!"

Translation:Let's hide in the park quickly!

October 20, 2017



It says the answer is "let's hide in the park quickly!"

I translated this as: 'quickly lets hide in the park!' Because of the exclamation mark i thought quickly was the focus... How did writing it this way change the structure of the sentence?


That would be 빠리! 공원에 숨요 but they mean the same thing anyway.


The answer they give is an inaccurate translation unfortunately. The statement in Korean is actually a command- "Hide in the park quickly." It doesn't translate to "let's hide together." I've been flagging all of these for Duolingo


This is not a command but a proposition. This lesson is using the polite propositive mood.


I got the same vibe as well so I translated it as 'Hurry up and hide in the park!'. Naturally, Duo thought that was wrong. Is it just me, or is the Korean course in Duolingo a hot mess?


It wouldn't since, if you include the comma (Duolingo doesn't check punctuation), it would be, "Quickly, let's hide in the park!". The clauses work in English, that quickly can be at either the beginning or end of the sentence with no change in meaning


Shouldn't it be 에서....you're gonna do the action of hiding,at d park


In English it's easiest to find adverbs when they are used immediately before the verb. However, Duo recognized "Let's quickly hide in the park!" as a typo, even though the "ly" word was used in a typically correct order in English. So, it should be noted as another correct solution without the "typo" indication.


To hide quickly...most often after a verb.

These are different combinatiins. Each one guven more imoortance on a different part of the statement.

Hide quickly! In the park!

In the park! Hide quickly.

Quickly, hide in the park!

..... Punctuation makes a difference. We'll need outside sources if Duolingo languages do not teach it. I can be very important.


Ex: Let's eat, Grandma! vs Let's eat Grandma.


Why can't this be translated as i hide in the park quickly?


The program says I have a typo by writing : Let's hide quickly in the park..


Dunno why Pennywise suddenly came to mind... I need to stop watching thrillers, man

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