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  5. "Eu descrevo a roupa dela."

"Eu descrevo a roupa dela."

Translation:I describe her outfit.

April 4, 2014



I do not understsnd when you say dress and when clothes suit or outfit, it always gives different hints so i lose so many hearts :(


It is usually safe to translate "roupa" as clothes, but "outfit" can be translated as "roupa" or "traje" or "fato" or "vestido" when referring to clothes and not a group or equipment or firm. I know how you got to "dress", because "vestido" can mean "dress" which originally meant "what you are dressed in", so you have terms like "fancy dress". http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fancy%20dress

http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-portuguese/outfit http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-portuguese/dress


roupa - cloth, but clothes is right.


this might be a topic of interest to all. I translated this as: 'I describe her clothes'. And it was accepted. But, 'clothes' would appear to be plural, right? But, actually as it is used in this context with reference to a person's possessions it is conceived to be singular. A unified object, her clothes as one complete thing, not many separate things and thus it is 'roupa', not 'as roupas'. So, the use of outfit was better choice of translation. This may be the source of the confusion I experience, when the count of a noun changes from eng to ptg, and vice versa


In this context could you use traje instead?


Yes, but traje is masculin then Eu descrevo o traje dela.


Also, is very unusual. (But not wrong!)


The audio sounds very weird when the male voice says on the article.


I think it's because the rendering is done by a machine algorithm, and not a human voice. It seems to skip a little right? Like it has a glitch in the audio processing? Right? Remember AI algorithms are taking over everything these days.


To me it sounds like "uma roupa" but the correct answer is "a roupa". Does anyone else hear the same?

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