All skills gold, now what?

I have completed all the skills in Spanish and reached the bottom of the page where the little Duolingo logo is also gold but I am only on 46%. Now what? Every day 2-5 skills need strengthening but is that the only way to now progress? I feel like I am missing something??

October 20, 2017


Now you get out there and practice speaking with native hispanohablantes!

October 20, 2017

You will learn much more Spanish words and more difficult sentences by using the "Strengthen" features.
Here is the link to "Best Way to Make Your Tree Turn Gold and Stay Gold"

Other ways you could improve your Spanish:

  • The reverse tree, the course English for Spanish speakers, is very useful. There you have to translate much more from English to Spanish.
    Here is the link to the Duolingo Help Center for
    "How do I switch my Duolingo course language?"

  • Use the web version of Duolingo ( instead of the App. The web version works also fine on a tablet or phone, when WIFI is available (or 4G/LTE in an internet bundle)

  • Try to read and write in Duolingo's Spanish discussion forums. There you will find the daily used words, sentences and idiom.

Apart from that

There are numerous possibilities. Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/B1 skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.

Info about language levels:
Read from "Common reference levels".

Good luck.

Updated: 2017-12-17

October 20, 2017

I understand from other contributors that you still will learn a lot if you keep on strengthening until you reach level 25.

October 20, 2017

I started getting bored around level 20 in Spanish, although German is still challenging me at level 19, and in Portuguese although the words/grammar are easy I'm still working on the nuances of pronunciation at level 19.

But I agree with the general trend, I think you can get a lot out of keeping practicing the courses. Basically, if they're not easy and instant to you, and if you're not near-flawless, you still have stuff you can get out of them.

October 20, 2017

Completing all the skills does not necessarily mean that you have memorized every single word in the course by heart and can easily pull it out in conversation when you wish to, so practice!

Also, on the app practice with Bots and on the Web do the Labs. Read, listen, watch movies and videos and write and speak. Here is a list or two of Helpful Resources:

October 20, 2017

Duolingo won't take you to 100%, it will take you to 50-60%.

October 20, 2017
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