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Benutzung or Nutzung?

In sense when you tell your guests they can use the garden or the bench outside or some other shared space.

October 20, 2017


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As said by sheldona in this post (the answer by wataya is also valuable, check it out), benutzen is used for concrete objects and nutzen is used for ideas and concepts and I think we can extend this distinction to the nouns formed from those two verbs.

(personally, I don't know, I hope my reasoning is correct)


Thanks, although I still don't know which to use in sense "you can use the garden", it can be concrete object - a garden or an idea of using the garden.

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The given examples of concepts are things like an opportunity or a possibility.

Anyway, have you read the response from wataya? I think it should be helpful:

If you use 'benutzen' the focus lies on the concrete act of using something while 'nutzen' emphasizes the advantage you obtain from using it.

(there is a certain overlap between the two, but maybe a native would use a complete different word)

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