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Why is the German tree longer than the rest?

Compared to the other languages I'm learning, its so so long. I'm on level 11 and I still have 42 skills to learn - can someone help me out and explain to me why its so long

October 20, 2017



Personally I love the length of the tree and could even do with it being made longer. :) Compared to doing enough to become fluent in a language, it's still very short.



  • 123 Skills
  • 462 Lessons


  • 57 Skills
  • 290 Lessons


  • 72 Skills
  • 349 Lessons

  • 1738

Part of it could be how long each skill is, meaning how many lessons each skill has. The French tree only has about 80 skills but many of them are 8 or 9 or even 10 lessons long. I don't remember that many long skills in German tree. So if you want to better compare trees you have to compare the number of lessons not the number of skills. Also the number of words of course... Even then the German tree might be longer but not by so much and so what. It means we have more material for practice :-)

  • 2080

It was updated and reorganized over time and it grew quite a bit (the last update was big). Here you can see a screenshot of the tree like it was 3 years ago (almost half as long as today). Other trees will be improved as well, it just so happens that German received this kind attention before the others :)


Because you learn more


I always say 'try the norwegian course'... So I'm sure you will realize what actually a 'tree longer' looks like... About or better over 3,500 words.


That's exactly what I thought :-)


I'm hoping for it to get longer. I've been finished forever and almost (2813) have all the words I read that we get (2860). I wish they'd give me the rest soon. But I guess when you're repeatedly strengthening it just takes longer and longer to get new ones.

Edit: Kept at it and now up to 3371 words.

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