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No speaking exercises

Hi there,

I have no speaking exercises and I don't know why. The setting is set to ON but I just don't get any speaking exercises. I am using the app. The first time I installed it, I declinded to give the app the certain rights as I wasn't aware at that time. Later I changed it and it has full rights now, still no speaking.

Any idea? :(

10 months ago


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Speaking exercises only happen in certain courses, I think just the in-house ones. Dutch was built in the incubator, so doesn't have speaking exercises.

10 months ago

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Hello, I'm learning Dutch and I have speaking exercices. Try to use the browser "Google Chrome". You are on computer or on phone?

10 months ago


It's true, Dutch has speaking exercises.

10 months ago


How can you get them on?

10 months ago

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I'm not 100% sure if there are Dutch speaking exercises on phone but I think they are. They are for sure available on a computer (I do them regularly) and neither I have them on a phone (at the moment). Yet if I recall correctly I used to have them on the phone, yet they were turned off at some point when I've selected I couldn't do a listening exercise. I've been trying to turn them back on but with no success.

One option that comes to my mind (if no other solution works) is to clear app settings (or even reinstall it completely). Of course you'll have to set up your account in it again but it should reload all the information once you log in.

10 months ago