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why when i post a "discussion" do i not get notifications where the bell on the upper right if my screen is, but instead i have to go to discussion, find my post and look to see if there are comments? help please!!!

October 20, 2017



I've had this change recently as well. It might help to follow each discussion so that you can find it more easily. I don't know if they have changed this for everyone, but they might be testing how this affects how many lessons people do.


Keep ur email open and look at it every once in a while. i'm having the same problem but email seems to get all the notifications before duo does.


I also have this problem, and I've seen that it's been popping up a lot. I don't have access to my email notifications all the time--I don't check them--but I just follow all the discussions I comment on or post, and check them periodically. I hope that duo lingo does something about it soon, or at least tells us what is going on, but I'm awfully glad that duo exists! So I'm trying to be patient.


Hey, If you are trying to get notifications may I suggest you update in your settings, then check the box, for notifications on discussion you follow. If that does not work I am really extremely sorry and please forgive me. -Haley Rose


I don't get notifications when people comment either. My email is the only way I know when people comment on my stuff or reply to my comment on someone else's stuff. Its annoying but oh well I guess


I only get notifications when people follow me

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