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  5. "It takes ten days."

"It takes ten days."


October 20, 2017



* とおか ^^


You are right but I think とうか & とーか are spoken language.


とおか and とうか would both be pronounced the same. They're both pronouced とーか, as far as I understand. I'm not sure I've understood your point about spoken language.

  • 八 = や
  • 十 = とお

八日 is spelt よか and not よおか because it comes from the modern kana spelling change of や → よ. (~a + u = ~ō)

十日 is spelt とか and not とうか because it instead comes from the modern kana spelling change of と → と. (~o + wo = ~ō)


Shouldn't this sentence say 10日間かかります (とうかかんかかります)? which delineates a period of time. It's like a Japanese counter, and seems that a native Japanese speaker would be more likely to say 十日間


It's like learning all new numbers....


I knew an Indian gal named Juhi. But that's not the right pronunciation for 十日 (とうか).


とおかかかります was not accepted. I think that's the first time i've seen the kana not being accepted. how odd. Luckily it doesn't erroneously accept じゅうひ, so i guess it's about telling us it's time we HAVE to start using kanji, which is fair.


I don't think even a single one of these "it [takes|took] __ days" sentences accept kana for the number. I've been reporting all of them since before this course even entered beta back in May!

Numbers are pretty much the only risky thing to type in kana in this course. ^^;


I would honestly say anything away from the つ counters (匹、人、etc) in kana is risky 笑笑笑


It accepts じゅうにち I think


Why don't we need a は (or other particle) after 十日 ?


I don't have a clear answer, i do know a lot of natives tend to drop "easily understood" particles like, 「あの子、早いです。」 or sometimes even 「その雲、怖いだね」. This us almost as colloquial as using じゃけん though, so only omit particles when it feels "safe", and never in formal settings without practice


This can be done with が、を、and /sometimes/ へ or に. The order i listed these is the order of safety in omitting them


Marked me wrong for using 掛かり instead of かかり

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