"Ears are always on the head."

Translation:귀가 항상 머리에 있다.

October 20, 2017

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@duolingo: WHY ON EARTH is 귀가 항상 머리에 있어요 WRONG? there is nothing in the english sentence suggesting that is HAS TO be 해라체. PLEASE FIX ALL YOUR MISTAKES AND INCONSISTENCIES ASAP!


I said 머리에 귀가 항상 있어요, and it was marked wrong. Is that because of the order? (It should not be because of 있어요.)

Okay, I also tried 귀가 항상 머리에 있어, and that was marked wrong. Why is 있어 wrong?

UPDATE: It is still wrong three months later (April 2021). As is 있어요.


Does it matter where you put 항상 in this sentence?


You can say: 귀가 머리에 항상 있다. 귀가 머리에 있다, 항상. But 귀가 항상 머리에 있다 is the most natural way to say this. And we almost never use the 3rd one.


shouldn't there be a 는 on the 귀 as it is a general statement? this is a case in which it is important, i think


You have most certainly not heard of Apostle Peter. He had a different opinion


Why exactly is 귀가 항상 머리에 있습니다 wrong? because last time i checked 있다 and 있습니다 are the same word so there shouldn't be a difference.

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