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Whatever happened to Notifications on the website?

Is there a reason why notifications on the website appear to have been turned off altogether? Can a Duolingo Staff Member please provide further clarification? I can't find a recent 'Sticky' post regarding this, and the one recent post regarding forum maintenance, which may have provided some explanation, has disappeared.

It seems the only notifications you can still receive are by email, no longer via the 'bell' icon on the website (except for a new follower). This is really annoying me. I don't want my email inbox clogging up if somebody replies to a post I made, nor do I want to 'follow' every discussion in which I post a reply, or somebody replies to a question I answered. I want to be able to see it as a notification on the website. I hope they're going to fix this issue and website notifications will be reinstated.

October 20, 2017



It's been buggy since the forum maintenance on October 3rd.


I'll say! I'm just surprised there's no recent staff member post explaining what's going on. It feels as if they can't be bothered communicating with the website users. (Also, I had to open my discussion to see your reply).


I thought it might be an A/B test but perhaps not?


No, it's a bug since the staff said they're working on fixing it.


seriously?! wow, ok thx


When have they said this? I can't find a recent communication on it.


the one recent post regarding forum maintenance, which may have provided some explanation, has disappeared.

Hi Carina ,
This is the last explanation of a staff member I have seen. You may have seen this one, because you also commented in this discussion.

Comment of: Hideki Shima, Software Engineer@Duolingo, 1 week ago in

We're still planning to fix the bell. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks, Pentaan! That's the discussion I was looking for.

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