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How do you get the bonus skills?

I only have one but it shows a place for more. Can someone help me? Thanks:D

October 20, 2017



If you click on the store (upper right side of your skill tree), you should be able to buy some with lingots. At the moment, the only ones I know that are available are Idioms and Flirting. Around Christmas there is sometimes a Christmas lesson available as well.


On the English for French course both bonus skills (flirting and idioms) turned up briefly on the mobile site. I purchased them and they then promptly disappeared from the tree. They still show as purchased in the store.

On the Esperanto for English course there are two skills to purchase (flirting and culture) but only one shows up on the tree (flirting).

The French for English bonus skills (flirting and idioms) work fine.



I think it is a glitch, I have had that problem with German/Italian I think.


For Spanish, its only idioms and flirting. You should be able to buy the other one in the store. If its not there, then it could be a glitch, assuming that you are on desktop.


What are bonus skills? (I feel like I sound so stupid lol)


Thy're just extra lessons on specific topics that you can buy in the lingot store. :)


Ah, okay. I just see that option for my language. Must not be available for me.


Well you don't I don't know what they are either.


There is a store where you have a couple options for purchases in most languages. I noticed in Turkish this was buggy (made purchases that didn't show up). Your Spanish purchases will definitely work. Good luck with your studies.


If you find out please tell me:)

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