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  5. "Siamo fratello e sorella."

"Siamo fratello e sorella."

Translation:We are brother and sister.

April 4, 2014



I offered "we are siblings", but it was marked wrong. Seems okay to me. (I did report it.)


There is probably an Italian word for siblings, but thats not what is been asked here. Thats why it`s been marked wrong.


Not such word in italian, nor in french. Us, latin people just say "fratello e sorella" "frère et soeur" while english and german have "sibling" "geschwister". Non-native english speakers, do you have a word for that? Does it miss ? I never had such a thought since today...


Well, in Portuguese you can also say "irmãos" for siblings


You can, but strictly it means brothers and if they are all female you should say "irmãs" instead. A similar masculine-but-covering-both-genders usage is typical in Slavonic languages too. Usually not in words like brother, but could be used in words like brotherhood (братство). Nevertheless a corresponding feminine noun usually exists, so it's not really a gender neural usage.


I meant that "irmãos" is used when you got a sister and brother, not just sisters, and I understood your point, thank you.


well, there is a perfect equivalent of "siblings" in Polish: "rodzeństwo" and it is neutral.


Also in Czech we have a perfect equivalent of siblings - sourozenci, and it's also neutral word (doesn't matter if they are only boys or only girls or mixed).

EDIT: Now I am not sure. I found we also have a word sourozenkyně when it's only about girls :-D

But anyway, sourozenec means "a sibling" and not "a brother" or something else. Although we tend to distinguish gender.


in chinese there is 兄弟姐妹 which is older brother,younger brother, older sister, younger sister all said at once to convey the whole idea of siblings


Yes, we have sourozenci in Czech, there is súrodenci in Slovak and also rodzeństwo in Polish :-) I explained that more above :-)


In Finnish we have the neutral word "sisarukset" for siblings :)


In Hungarian there is testvér, which is neutral, can be both brother or sister.


We are siblings = Siamo (We are) Fratelli (siblings; yes it can also mean brothers.)

We are brother and sister = Siamo (we are) Fratello (brother) E (and) Sorella (Sister).

Now if youre a girl and you have two other sisters and wanna say "We arw siblings" it would be..

Siamo Sorelle (Sisters).


As you i've got the same result. In a previous exercice i wrote " we are brother and sister" and it was refused with the translation "we are siblings" seems duolingo wants specific answer at a time...


I love how one of the translations for fratello is Bros. XD


Why's We are a brother and a sister wrong?


It sounds "Siamo UN fratello e sorella"!


I've been there with other sentences. You just have to look at the context. "We are brother and sister" makes more sense than "We are a brother and sister". Good luck!


Are there colloquial abreviations for 'fratello' and 'sorella' like bro/sis in english and mano/mana in portuguese (irmã/irmão)? Are they used only between siblings or between friends too?


Now I know where "fraternity" and "sorority" find their roots. Wow


On the verbal one, does anyone else think the "e" sounds like "i"? The Italian pronunciation of the letters of course. Based on context I figured it was "e" but it sounded to me like the Italian "i".


Yes, I use the term "siblings" in conversations, especially when referring to or introducing my 5 siblings. You see, I have an elder brother, a younger sister, a younger step-brother and 2 younger half-brothers. Using the term "siblings" sure saves me a mouthful!


I did 'we are sister and brother' and I was wrong. Does anybody know why?


Simply word order. Though of course it would be understood, it's not the sentence we are asked to translate


The male voice really sucks. Must be a heavy smoker.


we are sibling is also good answer


I keep hearing ,,siamo UN fratello e sorella".


english version needs the indefinite article


Getting very frustrated by small spelling mistakes being classed as errors

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