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french change request: all vocabulary quiz include gender within translations

Hi there -

I am almost entirely only taught by duolingo in French. I worked consistently for the past ~ 18 months with great progress. I learn more every day -- thanks Duo!

Believe it or not, the most difficult thing for me at this point is not conditionals, it's not l'imparfait, etc, etc -- it's basic gender. I suspect that part of this is related to design choices within the app. Duolingo only quizzes for gender within a sentence. Often when I do mis-gender a sentence, Duolingo assumes it's a misspelling and approves my mistranslation. I seem to be struggling to get down noun gender and not making much progress using duolingo. Meanwhile, when I do a lesson the vast majority of the quizzes I score perfect because they don't really quiz on gender.

I believe much would be gained for learners by including gender in every form of vocab quiz.

Example of a quiz which tests for gender:


  • le sable
  • la sable
  • la marron
  • la cauchemar


October 20, 2017



Colour me confused. You give "sand" as an example then a list. Only le sable means "the sand". There appears to be no feminine counterpart (unless you are referring to the fur pelt).
As for the others (given as nouns), marron is masculine (not feminine) and means "chestnut" and cauchemar is also masculine and means "nightmare" (or possibly "nuisance").

So I'm a bit confused as to what you refer.


I’m giving a sample question using my suggested approach for a translation of Sand. Currently, a duolingo user never has to learn the gender to pass a vocabulary quiz.

Currently the quiz for "sand" would have something like:

  • le sable
  • la marron
  • la cauchemar

So the user learns that that 'sable' means sand, but never is tested on whether it's masculine or feminine.

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