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"His sister definitely lives somewhere else."

Translation:Jeho sestra určitě bydlí jinde.

October 20, 2017



I was marked wrong for: Jeho sestra určitě jinde bydlí. Is it wrong to use that word order?


That would be very unusual order to say.


Technically, "Jeho sestra určitě bydlí někde jinde" was marked correct for me, but does it sound weird or redundant to have někde in the sentence when jinde sort of already means somewhere else? So far, I'm thinking of jinde as meaning elsewhere, instead of "somewhere else" just to differentiate it in meaning from někde jinde. Does saying někde jinde instead of just jinde make it more specifically in a place that happens to not be here?


It sounds fine and means the same.


Jeho sestra bydlí určitě jinde was marked wrong with "you used the wrong word", but I only had a different word order. Is this order not allowed?


I'd say yours is "His sister lives definitely somewhere else.".


That sounds awkward in English. Is it also awkward in Czech?


Why is "Urcite jeho sestra bydli jinde" wrong?

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