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No Open-Ended "Other" Option for Reporting Problems with Exercises

Back when I started using DuoLingo, there was an "Other" option for reporting problems with exercises. I used this frequently.

With the recent site redesign, this feature was removed. There is nowhere I can type to send reports and often, there will be a problem with an exercise but it doesn't fit into any of the given multiple-choice problems.

I find this frustrating and demoralizing.

I want to help DuoLingo continually improve their courses by giving them constructive feedback, but this makes it more difficult for me to do so.

I would like to request for the DuoLingo people to add this feature back.

October 20, 2017



Guess what.

I started the "Past Imperfect" Portuguese skill and the "Other" report option with the empty text field was back :-)


I haven't seen it for me, but I saw one user on Mobile post an image on reddit, showing the "Other" option with the text field.

Stuff like this frustrates me extra about DuoLingo. Not only do they remove features that I think are important, but different users are treated differently and there is little communication about any of it. I'm left in the dark and it makes me feel really frustrated.


Sorry, haven't seen your answer (missing notification bell).

The good thing: It's an added point to their "New website update" link in the "Help" archives.

I agree. For the Android app there only is this empty text field and not any options to choose from, like on the web portal.

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