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What is 'mean' and 'means' in German?

An example of these words.

"It 'means' to fly"

"What does it 'mean' to be a normal human"

October 20, 2017



For the first sentence, do you mean "It intends to fly"? If so, I would translate those two sentences as:

„Es hat vor zu fliegen.“ &

„Was heißt/bedeutet es, ein (ganz) normaler Mensch zu sein?“


P.S. Which would mean that for sentence 1 "to mean" translates to "vorhaben", and for sentence 2 "to mean" translates to either "heißen" or "bedeuten".

N.B. Of "heißen" and "bedeuten", in this context, I think "heißen" is the safer bet.



Adam said already what it could mean and you have a good link from GS.

I have a little addition. It means to fly can also be an answer to a question. What does that word mean? It means to fly. Was heißt/bedeutet das Wort? Es bedeutet "fliegen".

regards Angel

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