Translation:I have waited specially for you.

1 year ago



I believe the english translation should say 'especially'.

10 months ago


I just looked it up, as i thought the same thing. But I read that 'specially' means for a specific purpose, and 'especially' compares one thing to others. So it is correct as written.

9 months ago


Thank you Sandpiper270!!! A lingot for you!!! I was using an online dictionary to compare the definitions and it just over-complicated something you described so easily. I like definitions to be simple.

I am learning this in the Adjective 2 Lesson. Am I correct in saying"Specially" is being used as an adverb in this sentence?

8 months ago

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I wrote: I have specially waited for you. Why was that faulted?

3 months ago


I said ''specially waited''. It's the same meaning

4 months ago
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