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N/S Korean Difference?

Ok so I had a dumb question unrelated to the course (sorry if this has been answered before). North Korea has made an effort to isolate themselves from the outside world, including their southern counterpart. So how large is the difference between the Korean spoken in the north vs. the south. Is it just a dialect change like French vs. French Canadian or an accent difference like in the United States or a large split between one and the other. If you hypothetically picked up a North Korean and plopped them in the south would they be understood (and or vise versa). I know the massive political differences right now. I'm just asking a question of the language and not say ideological/cultural differences.

This is just out of pure curiosity, no I'm not planning on ever visiting the North.

October 20, 2017


[deactivated user]

    North Korean defectors believe they speak a more pure form of the language than their South Korean counterparts. But speaking their North Korean dialect in their new home has caused problems for some refugees. North Koreans can face job discrimination... ... https://www.quora.com/How-different-is-the-dialect-of-North-Korea-from-that-of-South-Korea-Are-there-syntactic-and-grammatical-differences-due-to-the-isolation-of-North-Korea ... quora says |^

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