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  5. "육 학년 일 반"

" 학년 "

Translation:Sixth grade, homeroom one

October 20, 2017



Could you accept British expressions too, please? The Brits say Year 6 not Grade 6. Sometimes I feel as if I am learning 2 languages - American as well as Korean - here.


We just say "six, one" in Korea. Or "grade six, class one"


Grade six (6) homeroom one (1) should be accepted


What does this mean??


Sixth grade, class 1. In Korean school system, the grade is divided into various classes (반). Your 반 is the group of kids in your class.


If I can trust Duolingo, homeroom is 담임


No no, the 담임 that you probably saw in other questions referred to 担任 (dan1 ren4), with the meaning of "the one in charge or the one responsible"


六 學年 一 班


There are really too many new words, and new uses of old words, in this lesson. I'm going to have to repeat it a few times before moving on.


Why isnt "classroom" accepted? Not everyone uses the term homeroom


Classroom was marked wrong


Can somebody explain what does it mean in english please I am not a nativ english speaker


In America:

Elementary school (also called Primary) - Grades: Kindergarten - 6th. Usually ages 5 to 12.

Middle school (more commonly called Jr. High) - Grades: 7th -8th. Usually ages 12 to 14.

High school - Grades: 9th-12th. Usually ages 14 to 18.


In India, we just use alphabets for referring the classes. So that's why this system is new to me. We would refer it as 6-A, is this right or should a different word to be used here?


The pronounciation for this on was definitely not clear, for the second syllable I absolutely heard 칸 and not 한 and it really threw me off.


In "joined up speech", for want of a better term, the sound of the batchim (syllable-final consonant) ㄱ gets carried over to the beginning of the new syllable. Not only that, the ㅎ "strengthens the ㄱ and it becomes ㅋ. You have great hearing!

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