"My jsme muž a žena."

Translation:We are a man and a woman.

October 20, 2017

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My translation was 'We are man and woman' and was marked wrong. The correct answer showed as 'We are man and wife', could anyone please check?


I'm getting "We are a man and woman." but I think it's wrong when it should be, "We are man and woman." The translation is more akin to the latter quote, right?


Why not "We are man and woman"?


I am under the impression that MY (we) is pronounced "me" with a long e. It is pronounced in this lesson as with a short e. Can you please explain?


"My" in Czech is pronounced as the "i" in the English word "sick".


It is little short here but not unusual. I would not say that it is ever pronounced 'mee'


i think that also "we are man and woman" is correct


"We are man and woman" sounds strange to me (native AmE), but your question makes me wonder if "We are man and wife" is among the accepted answers.


My guess is that, even though Czech omits the indefinite article (a), muž and žena are both meant to be singular nouns. "We are man and woman" haa a very different meaning from "we are a man and a woman." "We are man and woman" is more a general statement, like saying "we are part of mankind and womankind." It's more euphemistic, and I'm guessing it wouldn't translate as directly into Czech.


yeah it is still giving me "we are man and wife," is wife a correct translation for zena or no?


Wife is not the correct translation for zena. Zena is woman. Wife is manželka.


Something's wrong with this question. I have correct answer and it still pointing to wrong, displaying exact same answer I gave.

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We need more information. Use the report button "my answer should have been accepted".


According to my wife (native Czech speaker), wife is also a correct translation for žena, depending on context.

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