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  5. "너는 내일 여자친구를 만날 것이니?"

"너는 내일 여자친구를 만날 것이니?"

Translation:Will you meet your girlfriend tomorrow?

October 20, 2017

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"Are you going to meet your girlfriend tomorrow? is more natural


That's what I wrote. I agree.


Will you be meeting is also more natural...


Duo... I thought I already told you that I'm straight.. sighs


Me too but this duo keeos shaking me!! 아이고 이 바보 Duo


Sorry, but let's be consequent - if there is only "your girlfriend" accepted, so why the only confirmed translation for "아들은 아빠에게 편지를 보내줄 거야" is "the dad", not "his dad" (or anyone else's)? I know it's more natural here but still, you can meet someone's (eg. mine, his) girlfriend as well.


This is a flaw in the program. The sentence about the son and father should have a more open set of possible translations. Flag that one when you can and hopefully it will be fixed soon.


I wrote: tomorrow, will you meet your girlfriend?


The problem here is in English, by putting the time expression at the beginning of the sentence, you are shifting the focus on the time.

Your sentence could be interpreted as: "Speaking of tomorrow, [...]"

--> 내일은 네 여자 친구를 만날 거예요?

The expectation is to learn more about the listener's activities 'tomorrow' besides "whether or not to meet the girlfriend".

As far as DLG Korean sentence stands, the emphasis is on the Listener and the possibility of him seeing his girlfriend.

Hope I am not confusing you further.


Yea I hope I will, but ji-hyo is pretty busy recently, you know. so probably not


Kang Daniel is that u?

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