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Which dialect of your language would you like to be able to speak?

For me, it would most likely be Scots, although it’s technically considered a separate language now.

There are three separate things here that people often get confused about: Scottish English, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots:

  • Scottish English is the name for the main Scottish dialect of English
  • Scottish Gaelic is the name for a Celtic language only distantly related to English
  • Scots is a Germanic language very closely related to English

It’s like Scottish English, but more distantly related to English’s standard form.

It sounds beautiful, in my opinion. I can understand most of it, but some of it is still “tantalizingly hidden”. It retains a lot of the things lost since Middle English, such as the trilled /r/, guttural /x/, and assorted Germanic vocabulary, such as “bairn”.

I also like its written form much more than English’s, since written Scots is much more phonetic. Here’s an example from the Scots-language edition of Wikipedia:

Scots (or "Lallans", a poetic spellins for lawlands) is ae Wast Germanic leid o tha Inglis varietì thit's spaken en tha Lawlands an Northren Isles o Scotland an en tha stewartrì o Ulster en Ireland (whaur it's kent as "Ulster-Scots", "Scotch", or "Ullans"). En maist airts, it's spaken anent tha Scots Gaelic an Inglis leids.

See the full article here: https://sco.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scots_leid

Which dialect of your language would you like to be able to speak?

October 20, 2017



I don't know if I would want to speak just one dialect, but I think it would be cool to integrate more Argentinian Spanish into my Spanish. Also, Shamii Arabic would be something, but I have no desire to learn that crap.

Interesting post, thanks for sharing, and I wonder what other people have to say.


It is called "Rioplatense" since it is also spoken in Uruguay and there are other dialects of Spanish in Argentina: Rioplatense, "Paraguayan" (not imported from Paraguay, but the same dialect), "Chilean" (the same) and Andean.


Pues sí. Pero estoy seguro que hay diferencias en como se habla en Argentina y Uruguay. Pero la verdad es que no conozco a mucha gente de esta región.


The trouble with Scots is that it is very hard for a speaker of another variety of English to attempt to speak it without the natives thinking that he's making fun of them...


Yeah, probably the best Scots learning text out there makes this point pretty explicitly in the preface. A bit dulling to the enthusiasm, but there is that several-hundred-year literary canon...


what would that text be?


I am learning the Kabardian dialect of the Circassian language. However, in order to appeal to all Circassians I would have to learn Adyghe as well, which is like Arabic in which it has various dialects spoken by various Circassian tribes. There is an Abzakh dialect, Shapsug dialect, and several others. My issue is, which Adyghe dialect should I learn?


I want to speak with a Medellin Columbia accent, but ill probably end up with just a thick American gringo accent.


Why do you want to speak like someone from Medellín?


It’s a distinct accent that is still clear and understandable. Also I respect the city and her people, look how far Medellin has come since the 90s. An admirable turn around that takes willpower and determination as a people.


How much Spanish do you know....?

And where did you learn about the history of Medellín til now? Clearly you know about Escobar.


I'm not good at Spanish yet.

Not specifically talking about escobar Medellin still had issues after he was out of the picture. Overcoming massive political corruption that's the real factor I look at. If a city or nation will every make it to 1st world status and maintain that they must weed out corruption else forever be 2nd and 3rd world.

I traveled all over the U.S. and alot of the world the culture of a city can make or break it.

Also I want a Medellin accent for business reasons. Columbia and Medellin have embraced capitalism their future will be very bright. No system in the history of the world has taken more people out of poverty then capitalism.


Of course. Totally makes sense all this response ajaja.

And you didn't answer my question.


Dont have an answer of where I learned about Medellin specifically. I did alot of research into South America in 2001 and 2. Decided to focus on Asian/Japan instead took a job in Japan for a bit and mostly did work with Japanese auto makers in the U.S.

Did work 7 years back with a Cali Columbia firm and was impressed with them, Cali was a bit hot for my taste but I really liked Medellin.

Recently started researching South America again Columbia Medellin good first impression and the city keeps improving.

Too be fair have not been too many places in SA, spent two weeks in Brazil but that was all work did not really get to see anything. I would like to go there again but want to focus on Spanish atm.

I don't like Mexico, really bad first impression cops shaking me down for bribes twice. I was just a early 20s kid when it happened real shit bag cops targeting the young gringo there to help setup a plant creating local jobs. I've turned down all contract work there since. Suffice it to say Columbia has improved Mexico has not, its gotten worst if anything. lol sorry side rant.


I waent tae laern the scoatish dialekt


Probably a Dutch English dialect


My native language is Spanish and my native dialect is Chilote, but the prestige dialect in my country is Chilean, so I understand it and I have a lot of influence. Said that, I'd like to be able to speak quite different dialects: Mexican Spanish, something from Colombia (like Paisas perhaps) and some kind of Andalusian.


There are a few dialects I would like to speak. Since I'm a Swedish speaker I would choose the Gotlandic, Finland Swedish, and Estonian Swedish. One dialect that is a variety of 18th century Estonian Swedish is the dialect in Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine.


I need to learn the Viennese German dialect/accent since I am attending school there at the moment and might be permanently relocating to Vienna afterwards if all goes well. I can comprehend high German alright but Viennese German may as well be another language altogether lol. Thankfully my university program is in English but that doesn't help with learning German any better unfortunately.


As a native English speaker, I'll go with "Middle" :)

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