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Nervous to talk over the phone with people in france

[deactivated user]

    I am very nervous to talk to a native speaker in France over the phone in french. I haven't completed my tree, but feel like chatting will be the only way to I'll feel comfortable knowing the language. After testing many apps I've decided speaky seemed the best personally. I feel like I know many french words but not enough for them to be memorized yet. Should I just finish my tree then see if I feel comfortable talking?

    October 20, 2017



    It's up to you. I certainly wouldn't suggest waiting until you're fluent, because even if you master the entire dictionary and never speak, you will always be nervous the first time. You can do after the tree. I would say it's okay to delay a bit, but don't do it too much.


    If you want to learn faster, I would talk. I spent a day in Nablus, an Arabic speaking city in the West Bank, last winter, and that helped me a ton to improve my Arabic skills.


    If you will be speaking to people who don't know you, be honest about your level of ability in speaking. Tell them you've either never spoken to anyone or haven't had much practice speaking French. If you can find someone to speak to in person, it's even better because you are able to see people's mouths move. It seem likes a little thing, but it helps. Good luck to you.


    I don't know if this will help because I haven't actually carried on a conversation with a real person in French, but one thing I am trying is that I set my I pad keyboard to French, and then I press the microphone to speak into it in French (instead of typing). If it types what I say, then I figure I must be at least close to what it is supposed to sound like. I use this a lot with the lessons and also the bot conversations.


    I share your apprehension about phoning in French. Its daunting speaking to someone when you cant make eye contact with them.. Its much easier however if you can find someone who has regular contact with foreigners so knows what to expect. I'm a great planner of trips to France and usually get on OK phoning to Tourist Offices, especially in larger towns. Good luck.


    Regular contact is smart. Skype: solution. Trust: I realize is a factor. Language learning: there are challenges to be more effective, and trust is a part of that.


    Speaky has been one of my favourite and useful app/site for years. I would say, in addition to doing the tree, start memorizing as much possible all the common questions and responses you'll typically come across in a conversation. It's okay if you don't understand each word. Children sometimes don't know the meaning of each individual word of a phrase or sentence. This way, you can learn to speak from the start. As you progress through the tree, you'll start going being able to break down sentences you've already been saying.

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