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Help wanted with a German translation

OK! I throw my hands up in frustration. Why does 'This team has good players' translate to 'Das Team hat GUTE Spieler'? Isn't 'players' accusative plural? Shouldn't it end with 'en'? Sometimes I feel like giving up.

October 21, 2017



the singular form is Der Spieler

the plural form is Die Spieler

There are other examples where the ending of the plural form does not change.


Oh and do not give up, specially if you fought your way to level 22. Hope you will success :)

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RedAstronaut, I have noticed this.


I think I figured it out - no article plural ends with 'e'. I really struggle with this. :(


I was writing an explanation, but no need - good for you for figuring it out for yourself.

I can relate to your frustration, but with enough practice, it will become more automatic. You'll begin to use the correct endings more of the time, without really thinking why. It's such a relief when that starts happening!


I look forward to the relief! I do know it will come eventually - and it will feel very sweet. Thanks for the encouragement Amalie. :)

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Is that true that no article plural end in -e? I never noticed, I will have to pay more attention or I haven't gotten that far yet.

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