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  5. "I receive a present."

"I receive a present."

Translation:저는 선물을 받습니다.

October 21, 2017



나는 선물을 받는다.라고 했더니 틀렸다고 하면서 정답은 "저는 선물을 받는다."이라고 하네요.

AI기술이 아직 많이 부족한 것 같아요.


I feel like whatever you are saying can be very helpful to the devs. Have an upvote.


Two answer are correct yet the absolute formal is chosen? Why has that. Due to the campy error of default everything is to the highest level of respect usage... Still two answers exist for this one.


The trouble with get is that it gives less information than receive. I could go to the store and get milk and in that case I would have bought it myself. So, since it is more ambiguous, they may not have wanted to put it in the main database yet. You could report it sentence by sentence, as in this particular sentence either verb would mean the same.

  • 받습니다 = to give/to receive


Get or receive, give is different

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