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tired of typing, any way to use voice recognition?

i'm still on the beginner lessons and i like duolingo (Spanish) but it seems there is a lot of typing, in English, for the answers. has anyone tried to use voice input like cortana or something else? any success? thanks

October 21, 2017



Kids these day. So lazy. Your grandparents had to write Duolingo letters and send them by the mail, only to wait a week to get the sentences wrong due to typos.


On my iPad, I use Siri regularly to speak English answers, rather than type on a virtual keyboard. (I am a native English speaker)

When answering in the language I am learning, I stick with the intended modality of the question. For example: I type Spanish if that is what the question asked for. (I am not sure that Siri would understand my spoken Spanish anway)

Also, mobile requires a lot less typing anyway, as a lot of questions involve tapping word tiles.


not sure i can do that on android, i'll check, but you are right, 95% are tap the box so far for me


sure i can do voice typing in English on my android too, seems to work fine


You could try a speech to text for PC for Spanish. Alternatively, there's the mobile version which has speaking questions.


thanks, so the mobile versions uses speaking more than typing?


ok, i just got the mobile version, it uses multiple choice boxes. nice if the pc version did that


You also need to know the written forms.


The voice recognition that comes with an android tablet (mine is Samsung) works just fine on the web version of the site: an extra tap to invoke voice recognition and an extra tap to exit. (The web version of the site is so-o-o-o much better than the handheld version, IMHO, but I have a big tablet.)


I wrote a post about doing this with my MacBook and my Kindle.


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