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Suggestion: Let users see their XP till next level on their phones

I absolutely love Duolingo, but this is something that I've been wishing existed for quite a while. When I can, I check how far I am from the next level when I'm at home, but I travel a lot and use my phone for Duolingo more than the computer. Knowing I'm about to reach a new level really motivates me to do more lessons. There have also been times when I realize I'm only 10 or so XP away from leveling up and I think "I would have done another lesson or two last night if I'd know!"

So thank you, duolingo team, for everything you've done. I'm not expecting anything, but figured I should throw this out there in case other people wanted it and in case you saw it and liked the idea. Thanks!

October 21, 2017



..... but I travel a lot and use my phone for Duolingo more than the computer.

Workaround for App users

Open Duolingo's webversion www.duolingo.com in the desktop mode of the browser of your phone/tablet.
In the Firefox or Chrome browser, you can select the "Desktop mode" via the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. (Note: This may be not working on iOS phones with a small screen)


I've done that before, but sometimes it gives me trouble. I had forgotten about that little trick, though, so thanks for reminding me!


I am using an iPhone 7 Plus and using Chrome I can see my profile, including XP to next level, on my Home page whether I am in Mobile or Full Site mode. Perhaps it depends on the size of your mobile’s screen


I was literally on my phone just now wishing for this!! not even like hyperbole literally, I mean actually literally!!

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