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"Depuis, c'est le chef de l'opposition à l'Assemblée."

March 14, 2013



Is this correct? shouldn't it be c'etait?


No, when the English is a duration or a date (basically for + duration or since + date), it works with the present perfect (has been), whereas in French, it works with the present tense (c'est).


Immediatelt before this was a phrase translated as he is. Inconsistent.

[deactivated user]

    I think what sitesurf says previously clears that up. Because it is prefaced with a duration (depuis=since then) it is "he has been". The previous use of c'est may not have been in relation to a duration of time.


    When it gave me the English sentence to translate, I wrote the above French sentence exactly, yet it was marked wrong, saying that "c'est" should be "il est." Pourquoi?


    That was already discussed on another thread and I seem to remember that the outcome was that both "il est" or "c'est" should be acceptable, because of "THE chief of the opposition" implies a single position/title.

    In other words: - he is a chief = c'est un chef - he is the chief = il est le chef, or c'est le chef.

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