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PSA: Attention Alpha Testers

Dear Alpha Testers,

Disclaimer: Staff have not asked me to make this announcement. I'm not sure they are aware of the situation just yet and I want to get a jump on this right away. (If any information I've posted is incorrect, I'll updated it. So, press "follow discussion" if you intend to.)

I've been seeing and removing various posts from alpha testers that are in violation of their agreement with Duolingo. (If you have direct permission to share something about a course you are alpha testing, please append a small note saying as much, so forum moderators are aware. ^_^)

If you've been invited to be an Alpha tester for a course, please honor your agreement with Duolingo and do not post anything about the course without direct permission from staff. You may have seen posts from alpha testers in the past and so I can understand there may be some confusion about. Just know that things are changing and that affects what you can post.

Not publishing information about the course, in my current understanding, includes (but may not be limited to) how many skills it has, the names of those skills, what kind of character input it's asking for, what vocabulary is included etc. I even recommend asking staff before mentioning that a course has entered Alpha testing, unless staff have made an official announcement about it in the forum or already given you permission to mention it.

I don't want to see anyone removed from their alpha testing position. That would be a total bummer. So, just consider anything and everything about alpha testing confidential unless staff states otherwise.

Thank you for reading!

October 21, 2017



Thank you usagiboy, this is really helpful. It would be great if the Duolingo staff could send a little more information to alpha testers regarding what they can share. I mean, I assume it's pretty obvious to everyone that sharing screenshots is not OK, but I never thought it might also be against the rules to share that a course has entered alpha testing and that a user was selected for that.


Actually an alpha tester leaks the fact that they are testing in the flag list that accompanies any discussion post.


When you're selected to alpha test a course, they recommend creating an alternate account for it to prevent any changes to your progress in other courses.


Back when I was an alpha tester for another course, I was asked to not even make any posts related or not with my alternative account. (I found out after making a comment with my alternative account.)


I have two things that I'l like you to confirm please:

  • Is it mandatory to test a course using an alternative account?
  • Is it not allowed that a user reveals that they'are alpha testing or that the tested language flag shows on their profile?
    Thank you


Arachnje, I don't have those answers, I'm sorry.

Back when I was a tester, I didn't even have the option of using my own account. My account just plum couldn't access the course. But, yours can so, that makes me scratch my head. There is certainly understandable ambiguity there. I will ask. It'll likely take some days to get an answer for you.


Which course did you Alpha-test?


Woof. the earlier skills in Korean. And, at the time I invited people to learn along with me. So, I reviewed vocabulary, shared some thoughts on sentence structure and where I'd gone wrong. I compared some of the particles to Japanese particles. Stuff like that. It was before the current policy of not sharing and I got permission from the team.


I believe this particular flag doesn't show up although all the other alpha tests did so they may have ajustdid it specifically to keep this one under wraps


A picture of the Chinese course:


This PSA is for the benefit of alpha testers across all courses in which alpha testers have agreed not to share any information.


It's just a little joke :P


Good luck to the alpha testers!


Thank you Lemniscatarum! :)


Has any alpha tester had to sign a NDA non disclosure agreement (even electronically on registration or course add/login)?

Does the DuoLingo staff make it 100% transparent for testers, what is allowed and what is not allowed?


Actually, accepting to participate in Alpha testing is itself binding, according to this portion of the email that we've got:

And there is an email address to contact if we have any questions or feedback.


I was invited, too, yet when I click the link it says that there is no app available for my google account... I tried it with all of my google accounts (I have multiple and can't remember which one I signed up for the alpha test with), but none work. Any idea where I could look up which google account I'd need?


Thank you for all you do [and have done], Usagiboy! :)


JOAT2B, I have a small update for you. I've sent it via email. Email will show up as "Message from a moderator."


I got it. Thank you!


Thanks Usagi! I'll be careful not to say anything about the course.


We are happy to help with the errors :D


I am agree with that.

But at least we will have the Chinese course sonner than expected.

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